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Sorting Pompoms

Picture 228

Caleb wanted to be included in the picture of the materials for this activity.

You will need:
1. Pompoms with 3 sizes (small, medium and large) I was able to buy mine from the basement of fully booked for Php 35.50 less than $1.
2. containers for sorting
3. plate/tray for putting all the pompoms in

Picture 229

First round of sorting.
Picture 225

Picture 230

I waited until Caleb finished sorting all the pompoms to correct him. I showed him the container with the misplaced pompom and asked him which one didn’t belong. That way, he could easily see the difference and I didn’t interrupt his concentration.

This activity is good for classifying objects according to size and helps in concentration (special thanks to Madame Emerita Villaver for that one).

Second round of sorting. He was much faster this time around and misplaced only one medium sized pompom.

Picture 226

Picture 227


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