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Barrel of Monkeys

Picture 195

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to be creative with some of the things that you already have at home. But ofcourse, a “little” shopping didn’t hurt anyone! Just the husband’s wallet…hahaha!

I let Caleb use the barrel of monkeys for sorting. Then, we counted the monkeys after 🙂

Picture 196

Picture 197

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Matching Activity

Caleb matching party food picks.
They came in pairs and were just the right size.
I just cut off the sharp end of the tootpicks and they became instant matching manipulatives 🙂


Picture 187

Picture 188

Packing away after the activity.

Picture 189

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Finger Puppets

Picture 190

Found these foam finger puppets at the Party Store in Rockwell.
10 pieces for 190Php.

Caleb playing with the puppets. He calls them all Caleb…CalebParrot and CalebElephant. LOL! Only the penguin is called Pingu.

Picture 192

Picture 191

He obviously likes CalebParrot best of all.
Here CalebParrot is giving him a kiss.

Picture 193