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Sock Counting

Simple counting can be fun! All you need is a sock and some counters that are big and easy to feel. We used glass stones.
I told Caleb to close his eyes while I put some stones into the sock. Then, I asked him to feel how many stones were inside the sock.
Feel counting. Exploring his sense of touch.
CALEB: There’s only two!
He checked the sock to see if there were really two stones inside. He was so happy to find out that he was right.
CALEB: Let’s do it again!

I had no problem with that, whatever gets him to practice counting. 🙂

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Counting Game

I have to be creative in counting activities to keep Caleb’s attention. This is a counting game that we like to play.

1. Counting cards
2. Number line for each player
3. Counters (we used pompoms and glass stones)

How to play:
1. Put the counting cards face down. Players take turns getting a counting card and counts the dots on the cards.
2. Then, the player puts the corresponding number of stones on the number line to match the number on the counting card.
3. The winner will be the player who reaches the end of the number line first.

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Learning About Sets

Picture 268

Picture 269

1. Muffin pan
2. colored tape
3. circle shaped paper cut outs
4. macaroni

Counting and filling the pans with macaroni.

Picture 270

Picture 272

Picture 273
When Caleb finished filling all the numbers with macaroni, we moved on to matching the numbers and the dotted paper. I took out all the dotted paper and let him match these to the numerals.

Picture 271

Then, we added some number magnets into the activity.
It was Caleb’s idea to put the same numbers together.

Picture 275

Picture 278

Picture 277

He gave me the numbers that were not on the pan.
Picture 276

Finished product.
Picture 279