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Troll Hair

My kids love the soundtrack of Trolls. They love dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Cant Stop the Feeling” every time it comes up on our playlist. I like how the Trolls use their hair for all sorts of things which is what inspired this activity.

You need:

Black and white Face printouts with the hair part cut out

Big piece of paper



Black markers

Oil Pastels

1. Print and enlarge your child’s face on letter size paper. I used Photoshop to remove the hair before printing but you can just print out as a complete picture and just cut the hair out.

2. Glue the cut-out onto the big paper.

3. Use a black marker to draw the hair and fill in the hair with drawing and doodles. I told the boys to put in what’s inside their minds. Things, people, or events that they were thinking about.

4. Use the oil pastel the draw an outline around the picture.

5. Repeat this with different colors until all the white areas around the picture are covered.

6. Nice and colorful to hang in their rooms 😊


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