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How to Make a Terrarium

Most of our activities at home are inspired by the boys’ interests. Ever since Teo saw a terrarium being sold in one of the bazaars that we went to, he wouldn’t stop asking me if we could make one.

After “researching” a.k.a. googling how to make one and gathering all the materials that was needed, I was finally ready to make this little green thumb’s dream come true.


1. clear glass/plastic jar

2. Moss

3. Charcoal

4. Small stones/pebbles

5. Potting mix

6. A plant that can survive in a terrarium. Teo and I went to the local plant store and picked from the mini plants there.

7. Toys or decoration

Start with moss as the first layer. Be sure to press it down.

Then add some pebbles. About an inch.

Then a layer of charcoal.

Followed by 2 inches of potting mix. Use a trowel for this or a small spoon.

Make a hole in the middle and put in the plant. Make sure none of the leaves touch the sides of the jar. According to the plant center, the leaves will turn brown if this happens.

Use a wooden block/any sturdy thing that you have to press the potting soil down to compress it all together.

Add more moss.

Teo’s really getting into his planting groove here.

Top everything off with more pebbles and toys.

He loved that he could decorate the plant.

Water it generously.

And cover it up.

Happy Gardener Teo

Be sure to place your terrarium in a spot where it can be appreciated.

Update: It has been three weeks since we made this and the plant is still alive! It just needed to be watered after a week because it was looking dry. Teo hasn’t watered and removed the lid since then…or so he claims 🤔