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Make your own Matching Cards

These cards are so easy to make. All you have to do is:

1. choose a theme for the cards — what your child is interested in

2. find pictures on the internet of these things

3. print them out on board paper

4. let your child match the pictures that you’ve printed to the actual objects.

Mateo loves dinosaurs and farm animals so we have a lot of those at home. Little animal and dinosaur figures are perfect for matching! This is such a versatile activity that you can do this with other toys and things you have at home like matchbox cars and kitchen utensils. You can also use this to match and sort by colors. This is an easy activity to prepare and do and it hits on so many target skills for toddlers. As your child separates and sorts, he is practicing his fine motor skills and his hand-eye coordination. When he understands to pick up the pig and not the cow, he is working his language skills (he is learning the difference between a cow and a pig).

Learning while having fun makes Mateo a happy boy! 😊

Thanks for dropping by! I would love to hear other matching and sorting ideas from you! Maybe we can use it in our homeschool .


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