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Spelling Game

This is one of Caleb’s favorite games for spelling. 

It’s like letter bingo. Letters come out 2 at a time and you are supposed to find a card to put the letters in. If it doesn’t fit in any card, it goes into the throw away pile.

This is perfect practice for sounding out and blending letters. 

The player with the most cards wins! As you can see, someone is always the winner…no wonder he loves this game. 😝HAHAHAHA!

What are your favorite spelling games with your kids?

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Fabric Crayons

We’ve been stuck at home due to heavy rains and flash flooding. Arts and crafts time!!!! 

This is a fun and easy “rainy day” or “stuck-at-home” activity.

Make your design on regular paper. Caleb wanted to do the SUPERMAN logo with a C so I had to draw it for him. The box says to draw in reverse.

He filled it out with the fabric crayons. Go heavy on the crayons. 

Then he ironed it to an old shirt. Box says to use polyester but we only had cotton. So here.

This is how it came out after ironing. Black turned purple. But it was easy and fun for Caleb to “print” his own superhero shirt design.

He still loved it!

Is that a bird? A plane? No!