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Fun with Rice

Picture 218

No sand? No problem! Just use rice.
Put the rice in a large tray and have fun with it!

Picture 219

Picture 220

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Box House

Picture 214

This was taken last year when Caleb was still a year old.
Materials used:

1. refrigerator box
2. serrated kitchen knife (I used my bread knife)
3. packaging tape / any heavy-duty tape
4. watercolor paints
5. paintbrush

Sorry I don’t have pictures for the step-by-step procedure. I took these pictures before I started blogging.

Anyway, I assembled the house by cutting it with the knife and just put everything together with packaging tape. It was just a basic rectangular house. I cut out squares for the windows and a rectangle for the door. The roof was just a flat rectangle that could easily be put on top of the house frame or removed. Of course, the house could also be folded flat. This made it easier for storage after playing.

I know it doesn’t look fantastic. But Caleb had so much fun painting it and pretending to live in it. We kept the house for a month before throwing it away.

Picture 217

Picture 216