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Investigation: Floating and Sinking

For our “science” activity, Caleb investigated the concepts of floating and sinking.

Picture 268

I made paper boats for him to float on the water. We used a food container and filled it halfway with water. I also provided wooden beads to help him sink the boats. I let him put the beads onto the boat one-by-one. So he would understand that with more beads, the boat would get heavier.

Picture 269

It didn’t take long for Caleb to sink the boats. Here, he checked to see if the little tube of shaving cream could float.

Picture 270

Caleb’s forced smile for the camera.
We tried floating the plastic cups and filling them with beads (Extra comment: I love these recycled cups. There are so many ways to reuse them!)
After some time, he wanted to put his sharks into the water. What a fantastic idea! I let him put the sharks in the water one-by-one to see which ones would float and which would sink.

Picture 271

Picture 272

Caleb: The Great White Shark is toooooo heavy! (He is very interested in sharks at the moment. Which is why he wanted to float/sink them)

Picture 273

Caleb: That one is sinking. That one is sinking (Pointing to the sharks at the bottom).

Picture 274

Caleb checked the hammerhead shark to see what made it float. Among all the sharks, it was the only one that floated.
Picture 276


Caleb: The dolphin sinking!
Picture 282

Feeding the dolphin a bead. Maybe it will help the dolphin to float…ha!
Picture 278

We tried to float/sink other things. Caleb tested the plastic iPod case for buoyancy.

Picture 275

After some time, he started playing with the water and the beads. Scooping and pouring them.

Picture 280

Picture 279

Picture 281

He pretended that he was making soup and would force me to “drink” it.

Caleb: Drink your soup mom.
Picture 283

He did this activity for such a long time–around 30-45 minutes! From investigation of floating and sinking, it evolved into playing with sharks in the water, scooping, and pouring. He didn’t want to stop playing but it was time for dinner. So he fished out the beads, and we packed away together.

Picture 277

Caleb received robot fish and fish bowl for his birthday from his uncle. Here he is feeding the robot fish to the sharks. Hahaha


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Shell Scrubbing

Bought some shells for Caleb’s homeschool use.
They were still covered in some sand.
Enter the shell scrubbing/cleaning activity…HAHA!

Caleb put the shells into the bowl filled with water and dishwashing liquid. I just put a little–1 to 2 drops. I didn’t want it to be too soapy. Just a little bubbling action during scrubbing.

Picture 283

Me: What are you doing?
Caleb: I’m listening.
(It’s not the right kind of shell for listening.
But kudos for remembering that we “listened” to the conch shell that we saw last year. )

Picture 284

Put some elbow grease into that son!
Picture 285

When he got tired scrubbing, he poured the shells onto the tray.
Picture 286

Picture 287

We rinsed the shells and put them on paper towels to dry. Without being prompted, Caleb pointed out that some shells were the same and some were bigger 🙂 He pointed out the different kinds of shells.
Kids learning while doing an activity is always a plus in my book.
Picture 288

Shell scrubbing is hard work!

Caleb resting after the activity.
Picture 289

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Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting Materials:
1. 1/2 cup water
2. water container (I used a deeper container so Caleb could blow the bubbles as high as he wanted)
3. food coloring 1-2 drops (go crazy with the colors!)
4. straws (I used standard restaurant straws, it would’ve been much better to use the really long straws though)
5. dishwashing liquid 1-2 drops
6. newspaper
7. tray
8. paper

This fun activity took 15-20 minutes.

Caleb used the straw to stir the water, food coloring, and dishwashing liquid together. He chose red for his first color.
Picture 278

He blew into the liquid mixture and bubbles instantly appeared. Sometimes, he forgot to blow the liquid and “drank” it instead. Not to worry, he spit it out right away. Hence, the need for the newspapers and tray to catch the stray liquid and some spit as well. Haha!
Picture 279

I let him try to use the bubble making tool but he liked using the straws better.
Picture 280

We changed the colors of the bubbles four times.
Here it is yellow.
Picture 284

Once the bubbles were high enough, put the paper on top of the container to catch the colored bubbles.

Picture 286
Picture 281
Picture 282
Picture 283

I couldn’t let Caleb have all the fun!
I had to try it as well 🙂
Picture 285

Here are the results of Caleb’s bubble painting.
Picture 287