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Waterguns and Waterbeads

It seems as if I just did this activity with Caleb. But it was four years ago! Time flies too fast! It’s Teo’s turn to enjoy this sensory activity.

We drew targets and started throwing the water beads.

Smashed up beads.

When he got his fill we played with water guns.

We only stopped playing when he got all drenched and wanted a proper bath and shower. I enjoyed this activity also! Maybe more than he did! Hahahaha! 🌞

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Water Bead Smashing

I still had so many water beads I had to come up with another activity to use them in. Thus, the water bead smashing activity was born!!!!

We went to the yard for this activity. Used chalk to draw some numbers on the gate. These were our targets. I would call out the numbers and Caleb would hit them with the water beads. You can do variations of this – letters, sum, difference, etc.


He even drew his own number to hit.



Balancing and throwing at the same time.

Smashed water beads.

Caleb had so much fun and it was easy to clean up.

We hosed down the gate.

And swept the smashed beads into the gutter.

A fun learning activity and great for releasing stress and pent up anger! Hahaha!