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Learning to Sew

I love sewing. I sew costumes, pillow covers, cushions, and whatever else can be made with a needle and thread. I have 3 sons. Do I teach them to sew? Ofcourse!!!!

The perfect opportunity presented itself when Caleb needed some help to make a prototype pencil case for his design project. This was his design.

He used:

1. Black fabric from my ever growing bag of cut up scrap fabric (from my sewing projects).

2. Long ribbon

3. Pins

4. Needle and thread

Here, he is learning to pin the fabric together and do a backstitch by hand.

He did the rest of the stitching with the sewing machine. Which he was more excited to use.

The finished product.

Boys can sew too 👍🏻

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life skills : using a knife

Picture 178

I love to cook so it is only natural for Caleb to be in the kitchen. He uses his special plastic knife for cutting. One day, we will “graduate” him to a real knife. Hahaha! But he is quite handy with his plastic knife and can cut through most soft ingredients.
Someday my future daughter-in-law will thank me…You are welcome future daughter-in-law.