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Cotton Ball Painting

This is an easy activity.
Just to make painting more fun! 

It’s perfect for little hands that have a hard time holding on to brushes. And still fun for older kids. My 6 year old still enjoyed this activity.

You will need:

1. Muffin/cupcake pan (you can use paper plates if you dont have this)
2. Cotton Balls
3. Laundry clips
4. Finger paints
5. Paper

I used 2 cotton balls for each color so the boys each had their own. 

I let those little hands put the laundry clips on the cotton balls.

Put some paint on the pan and start painting!

Teo wore a painting frock because at 1 year and 8 months he’s still a VERY messy painter and gets paint everywhere. 

The concentration face on this one…

It’s good to line the painting surface with newspaper and secure the paper on to the table. I used masking tape.

Sharing paint and cotton balls

Here is Caleb’s work of art.

And here is Teo’s.  

Teo took out some of the cotton balls and used his fingers to paint also.

We still had some paint left over. 

So I put the leftover paint on their hands and let them stamp / print it on to paper. 

30 minutes of messy fun. All done!

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Till next time!

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Hong Kong Science Museum

When on vacation, I always try to squeeze in something educational for the kids. 

That’s how we ended up at the Hong Kong Science museum. They are open M-F from 10am- 7pm. Closed Thursdays. FREE admission on Wednesdays. That’s when we went ofcourse! Free admission!!! Woohoo!

A half day at the museum was more than enough for exploration and discovery. It’s an interactive museum. MEANING: Tons for little hands to touch and manipulate. My 6-year-old and my 15-month-old were definitely busy, busy, busy! 
Teo enjoyed looking at all the little critters.

Tinkering with the machines.

Figuring out how the ball floats and moves.

He loved the mirror maze. Five Teos! God help us! Hahaha😂

Optical illusion. Lots of people having their pictures taken here. Naturally, we had to check out the hype for ourselves!

Caleb enjoyed the exhibit on power and electricity. WARNING: you might experience some mild electric shock while interacting with the displays. All for good fun ofcourse!

Our favorite exhibit was the solar powered planes. You use a mirror to reflect light onto the planes’ solar panelled wings to make them move. How cool is that!?! Boys will be boys. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time here.

The puzzles exhibit was our last stop before leaving the museum. As you could see, everyone had fun while learning something (Yes, even the hubby Hahaha! ). 

Till next time! Thanks for stopping by! 😉

For more on the museum, visit their website:

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Can Painting

Here are the materials you will need for this activity:

1. Tin cans. Washed and cleaned. Make sure you remove both the top and bottom covers and file off any sharp edges.


2. YARN tied around the tin can.
Just use a simple knot and cut the extra yarn off.


3. Finger paints.


4. Big piece of paper to paint on. You can use paper bags for this (Check out my post on how to reuse paper bags!)


Squeeze some paint onto the paper. Then roll the tin can around and have messy fun! Great for gross motor skills 😉




Caleb shows me how messy it can get.



Working hard.

Pretty colors on the can.


Finished product.