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National Museum of Natural History in Manila

The museum has been open since May 2018 but it was our first time to visit. I was really impressed and proud of our Natural History Museum. The staff were all courteous and pleasant. The exhibits were in good condition and there were restrooms on every floor! Best of all is it’s FREE! A perfect afternoon of free entertainment and learning for my boys.

The museum has 6 floors so we took the lift all the way up and moved our way down. If you’re bringing a baby or a toddler, be sure to bring a stroller!

Floor Directory

We went on a weekday so there weren’t a lot of people and the queue to register wasn’t too long/bothersome.

The exhibits were mostly child friendly. There were lots of things for the children to touch and manipulate. Even if there was a “Don’t Touch” sign, they still put their hands on it. The boys just couldn’t help themselves 😂

They loved opening drawers full of fossils and different creatures.

All the exhibits were grouped into different themes. These were some of their favorite exhibits.

Whale shark

Heat sensors

Lolong the largest crocodile in captivity

Don’t forget to take pictures with the iconic tree of life.

We spent around 2 hours here and even had time to do a museum hop to the nearby Museum of Fine Arts to see the famous 19th century Spolarium painting by Juan Luna.

If you want to know more about the museum, please visit:

Some helpful tips for your visit:

1. ENTRANCE is FREE for everyone. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-5pm. Last entry is at 4pm. Best to visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds. There is no need to schedule a visit if you are less than 20 people.

2. Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes.

3. Bring a driver or have someone drop you off since there is no parking. You’ll have to walk far from where you can park to the museum.

4. Don’t bring any backpacks or big bags. Otherwise, you will have to leave it at the baggage counter (which can be found beside the registration).

5. Umbrellas, pens, caps, hats, tripods, wrapped packages, all food, and beverages, are not allowed in the museum.

6. Bring a stroller especially if you have small kids. There is a special entrance at the back of the building for PWD and people with strollers so you don’t have to lug the stroller up a flight of stairs.

7. Start at the topmost floor and work your way down using the ramp.

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