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All About Strawberries

I love strawberries and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience its journey from the farm to our table…well mostly to our tummies. Haha!πŸ˜‚

We had to take a looooong train ride from Seoul to reach this strawberry farm in Gyeonggi-do. But we had so much fun!

Here we were being taught how to pick the strawberries.

To pick the strawberry by not squashing it, put the stem in between two fingers and just push. The strawberry will gently fall onto your hand or into the container.

When we were done picking, we made jam! The strawberries had to be washed and drained.

Then we put on some gloves.

And crushed them. So messy but fun! What a day for the boys to wear white shirts!!! πŸ™„

After the strawberries were crushed into tiny bits, we cooked them in low heat with some sugar. Then kept on stirring until our desired jam consistency was reached. This took quite some time so everyone had their chance to stir and cook the strawberries.

Time for a taste test before packing them into jars.

Teo approves!

We brought all these back with us.

While the boys were eating strawberries,

I learned how to make strawberry rice cakes.

Rice cake, jam, and strawberry.

Rolled into a ball.

And ready to be eaten. This was how it looked before it disappeared into my tummy. πŸ˜‚

A fun morning at the strawberry farm πŸ“

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