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Piranha Plant Costume from Super Mario Brothers

It’s Halloween again! Our perfect excuse to dress up and be silly. This Halloween we decided to do Super Mario Brothers themed costumes since Caleb loves the game so much. 

I bought Caleb and Mateo’s Super Mario and Luigi costumes from Amazon. Now for our costumes…

I had to make it from scratch since there weren’t any nice Piranha plant costumes for sale that fit nine months pregnant old me 😂

For the pipe, I bought 3-inch thick foam and covered it with green Geena cloth (P30/yard). For the length, just measure around your waist. For the width,  I did 15” which is enough to cover the midsection and hide the baby bump.

Then, I sewed on a flat piece for the bottom. And attached straps at the back to keep it together. It’s just like a giant apron with foam.

For the headdress, I used cardboard cutouts and felt cloth. And glued the layers all together with a glue gun.

Here we are in our costumes! 

Do you love dressing up too? What is your family dressing up for this Halloween? Share some ideas for next years Halloween costumes!

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