My new nanny is here!!!! 

Thank you PLDT home for my new FAM(nanny)CAM! 

A few weeks ago, I had an enlightening afternoon with other moms at PLDTs “Mommy’s Day Out” event.  The FAMCAM was served to all of us along with afternoon tea and snacks.

Photo grabbed from PLDT HOME fb page

So each of us brought home an advanced FAMCAM and an instructional booklet on how to set it up. The booklet was pretty easy to follow and straightforward. But me being me…well…let’s just say they had to send someone over to set it up. 

The FAMCAM can be moved from one room to another. All you need is wifi access. It has an app that connects to your phone and you can control the camera from there.  

Now I don’t have to feel so guilty when I go out and leave the boys at home because I can see what they are doing and talk to them through the FAMCAM!

Spying on them during lunchtime

Overall, I’m quite happy with my “new nanny”. 
For more information on the FAMCAM:


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