Extra sleep time and Digging for Treasure

We have a no screen time before lunch rule on the weekends.  So this gives Caleb time to play with his toys, explore, and do activities.

I usually prepare an activity the night before and leave it on his desk for him to do. This could be a toy, a puzzle, something to paint, draw, or create (co-sleeping with a baby, this also gives me more time to sleep 😉). 

It was a struggle at the beginning, because he would wake me after he finished doing the activity. “What will I do now mom?” So…I’m up. 

I explained to him that there are lots of things to do. He just has think of something. 

Finally, we have settled into a better routine. After finishing his activity, he entertains himself. 

Reading is his solution. I love waking up to find him reading a book on the couch. Finally, I get an extra half hour of sleep for the weekend.

Anyway, this is one of Caleb’s favorite books. The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle.

Inspired by this book. We decided to take page from the story and dig for Treasure! 

The dig and play kit included a digging tool and a treasure map. I put it in a cake pan to “contain” the mess. 

His first Treasure. The block was really hard and a lot of effort had to be put into the Treasure excavation. Only to find this. So this was not a happy moment for him.

But persistence wore on. So he carried on digging.

Drilling and poking.

Finally a real Treasure!!!

More came after.

He got tired with the simple tool and decided to raid his toolbox for a hammer.

And got rewarded with a treasure chest full of gems.

His loot.

And washing them clean after.

This was messy but fun. And it took up 40 minutes of his “free time”.  Not bad for a busy screen free morning.

What do you like to do to entertain your kids at home? I’d love to hear about it and maybe try them too! 

Thanks for stopping by! 😊

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