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World Classroom: Swimming with the Whale Sharks

We brought Caleb to swim with the Whale Sharks in Oslob.
It was a 3-4 hour drive from the city of Cebu.
We stayed overnight in a quaint resort so we could all be up and ready by 7 am to see the sharks.

This was our beautiful morning view while waiting to board our small boat. Don’t you wish you could have this view everyday?
Picture 327

Getting suited up before hopping onboard.
They didn’t provide life vests for small children.
It was a good thing, we brought our own.
Picture 328

Caleb with the boatman, Grandma, Nanny, and London while we were being briefed at the Whale Shark Center.
Picture 316

Picture 317

At the briefing center. The Do’s and Dont’s of swimming with the whale sharks. This was also where we were charged the swimming/watching fee. So glad we didn’t leave our wallets at home!
500php to swim with the sharks
300php to watch
1000php for all foreigners
all children below 3 years old were free
Picture 325

Early morning feeding and plenty of tourists (us included) on small paddle boats.
Picture 315

Picture 318

Picture 319

I didn’t really expect Caleb to swim with us. But he wanted to get into the water with me as soon as I got off the boat. He wasn’t scared at all. I think I was more scared than him. He was fascinated by the sharks and kept on pointing to them. He wanted to stay in the water the whole time. But I had to put him back on the boat for my peace of mind.
Picture 302

Picture 303

The whale sharks were huge! They would even nudge the tiny boats of the fishermen feeding them.
Picture 329

Picture 320

Picture 326

Some underwater shots with the whale shark. They were so close. Sometimes, they would accidentally brush up against you.
Picture 307

I promptly went back on the boat after this shot was taken. It was too close for comfort…
Picture 308

Swimming with the Whale Sharks.
A must when visiting the Philippines!

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