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Swimming Lessons

We went home to visit the Grandparents and for a family reunion. Thought it would be fun for Caleb to learn how to swim. With our tight vacation schedule, private swimming lessons at home was the answer 🙂
The pictures that I posted here were taken within a span of seven days. Swim sessions would range from 20-30 minutes depending on Caleb’s mood and the temperature of the water.

Kicking lesson.
Picture 289

Picture 287

Picture 288

Picture 290

Picture 297

Getting used to wearing goggles and jumping into the water.
Picture 299

Using a toy to learn how to hold his breath under water.
Picture 293

Picture 292

Picture 285

Waving to the camera.
Picture 301

Posing for the camera.
Picture 286

Moving while floating.
Picture 294

Picture 295

Swimming on his own.
Picture 296

Picture 298

Picture 283

Water acrobatics with Britt.
Picture 300

He needs more practice, but not too shabby for a 7-day crash course 🙂

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