Mould and Paint

Picture 293

Thought this would be a another fun homeschool cheat

I just followed the instructions in the box. I only used 1 packet so we still have another left over to do this activity again.
Somebody is waiting really patiently…

Picture 306

Well, the waiting only lasted for about 5 minutes!
Here Caleb is “checking” if the plaster has already hardened. He really wanted to poke it.
Picture 294

CALEB: Still soft Mom. (Can I just brag??? I am so proud that he knows the difference between hard and soft 🙂 )
Picture 295

The plaster has set and we are ready to unmold the trucks.
Picture 296

Cleaned up the trucks and cut away the sharp edges.
Caleb wanted to “sweep” away all the plaster debris so here he is sweeping with a paintbrush.
He says it’s “Like a broom” 🙂
Picture 297

It came with paint colors so Caleb painted the trucks in different colors.
Picture 298

Picture 299

Picture 300

Picture 301

Picture 302

Picture 303

We just addded magnet stickers at the back to make it stick on to the refrigerator door. 🙂 It took us an hour and a half to do all this from start to finish.

Picture 268


The finished product.
Picture 304


Picture 269

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