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Seedlings Garden Fieldtrip

Brought Caleb plant shopping today.
We went to the Seedlings Garden to choose a plant that he could take care of.

Picture 241


We checked out the plants and flowers that were for sale.
Picture 243

Picture 244

Picture 249

Picture 250

Picture 251

Picture 261

Yes, he touched the water.


CALEB: That flower is so big!
Picture 257

Picture 260


It wasn’t a busy day for the plant vendors in the Seedling Garden so Caleb was allowed to prune the plants.

Picture 256


Water the plants…
Picture 258

He had so much fun doing this, he didn’t want to stop.
Future gardener?  Maybe he will have a green thumb.
I certainly don’t. All the plants I touch die within 48 hours. Hahaha!



Here Caleb tried to imitate the clay frogs with their mouths open.
CALEB: Look Mommy! I have a big mouth like frog.

Picture 259


Here he tried to touch the Koi that were being sold there as well.
Picture 242


We were finally able to find a plant that could be taken care of easily.
Caleb helped the plant vendor to move the plant into a pot for us to bring home.

Picture 245

He wanted to wash his hands after touching the wet soil.

He turned on the faucet all by himself.

Picture 248

Picture 246

His feet got muddy,  so he had to wash it as well.
Picture 247


While I was paying the plant vendor for the potted plant, Caleb made a friend.

Picture 253

Picture 252

Picture 254


I wondered what they were playing with…
Picture 255

It was a tiny leaf that they must have plucked out from one of the plants.

Well, I’m all for children creatively entertaining themselves 🙂

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