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Pipe cleaners

Picture 211

This activity is simple. It is also a wonderful practice for fine motor skills! We’ve been doing this activity ever since Caleb was 10 months old 🙂
This activity can be done earlier as long your child doesn’t put everything into their mouth.

1. Pipe Cleaners
2. Empty plastic jar with holes drilled into the cover (had the hubby do the drilling of the holes)
3. clear tape to hold the cover in place (added this since Caleb tried to do a shortcut by opening the jar. haha!)

Caleb folded one pipe cleaner and said it’s a curvy line. I let him play with the pipe cleaners before letting him put them into the jar.

Picture 210

Shooting the pipe cleaners into the holes.

Picture 205

Picture 206

I guess he was feeling lazy and wanted to do a shortcut.
Picture 207

Giving me his melt your heart smile.
Picture 213

Group stuffing and smiling at me didn’t work out very well for him. So back to putting them in one by one.
Picture 208

You can also use sticks, straws, pasta noodles and other long materials for this activity. You are limited only by your imagination. Have fun!

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Life Skills: Pouring

Picture 198

Materials used for our pouring activity:

1. small pitcher filled with water 1/2 or 3/4 full depending on how strong your kid is — it gets heavy
2. clear glass cup/mug
3. non-clear glass cup/mug (I used the cups from his toy tea set)
4. food coloring (optional)
5. spoon for stirring
6. tray to catch the spills

Caleb stirring the blue food dye into the water.

Picture 199

Caleb practiced pouring water into the clear glass first.
We started with so this so he could see how much water was going into the glass.

Picture 200

He wanted to change the color of the water. So we just added a little red to make it purple.

Picture 201

Picture 202

I let him pour water into the plastic cups after he was able to pour water that didn’t overflow. He still spilled some, but no worries. He had fun and learned at the same time 🙂 This activity consumed 15-20 minutes.

Picture 203